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Why mavericks and why now?

By Steve Cook


It’s an amazing world. So much going on, so much inspiration, so much change, so much opportunity. So many exciting challenges.

There are so many awesome people creating new directions with new thinking and ideas and real (not fake) purpose. It’s like they really mean it – total commitment and energy – and that comes flying out at us all.

These awesome people are a rare breed

It only takes a few to make profound differences to all sorts of leaders, in businesses large and small, in the organizations that are trying to make the world better, in every industry sector you can think of, in education and yes, even in government. These people come from every background, every society and with every sort of influence but they all have one thing in common.

We call them the mavericks (others call them rebels or pirates or free spirits), the ones that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, the ones that think that bit harder, that bit further away from the centre and nearer the edges, that bit bigger, that bit more responsibly and seriously and, perhaps, bravely.

They are the ones that not only question the accepted ways of doing things and try to break the rules, (that’s destructive and anyone can do that), they are the ones who will find a better way, one way or another, and then inspire others to build on their beginnings. That’s constructive and very few can do that.

Mavericks are different to everyone else.

Mavericks don’t sit around moaning about things or sticking their heads in the sand or shrugging their shoulders, saying ‘oh well, that’s just the way things are’ and carry on working to the script. That’s not good enough for the mavericks.

We celebrate them all. We learn from them, are inspired by them and are encouraged by the fact that we are seeing mavericks starting to be more essential, more welcomed, more listened to and, as a result, more valuable; because it is the mavericks who are changing the world for the better.

Are mavericks leaders?

Not really, but they make it much easier and much more worthwhile for the people that do lead.




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