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Why. Cometh the moment, cometh the right counsel

By Steve Cook


We have reached a point where idle chat about how things will be different in the future have been replaced by these things as the new reality.

The future has become the present and almost no-one has been far sighted, strategically focused, visionary or committed enough to be prepared for the new reality facing leaders, businesses, organisations, workers, markets, consumers, communities, governments, systems and processes – in fact, everything and everyone.

Of course it is imperative to create and maintain order, to have rules, but sometimes you need someone who challenges or even breaks those rules in order to create a better, more believable, more valuable way to see and then meet the future in the best way possible.

Strategic thinkers and doers are misunderstood. We may appear disruptive, but we are ultimately a force for good: Our passion, drive, curiosity and creativity help organisations to grow and to thrive – to literally see the future and to optimize for it.

The hard truth is that you don’t necessarily want or need us on a day-to-day basis, (try getting Visionary Strategist, as a job spec, past HR). You often only need us at key moments, such as when you are facing major business challenges, are simply devoid of ideas, or don’t know the best direction to go.

By our very nature we are the radical thinkers, the iconoclasts, the nonconformists and the rule breakers.

But we are rebels with a very single-minded cause.

Through our objectivity, vast experience, strategic thinking, sense of purpose, creativity, dubious charm and sheer brilliance, we work alongside business leaders in order to create the driving force for positive, meaningful, often unexpected, progress.




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