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What will a GEN Z CEO look like?

By Steve Cook


Interesting and very supportive of all that was discussed at the recent The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) event in #oxford. Curiosity, creativity, experience and soft skills for #futureofleadership. #VbravenewworldNOW #VleadershipNOW

By Adecco Group | New #CtheFuture research

Alongside the announcement of 2019 Global CEO for One Month Sophia Lim, the findings of a survey of 5,000 Gen-Z ‘leaders of tomorrow’ were released. With Millennials and Gen-Zers set to make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, the survey examines what skills and qualities C-Suite leaders of the future will need to lead.

We asked 5,000 ambitious Gen-Z’ers who are on a leadership track, what they believe the future of the C-suite looks like. Here’s what they said:

The profile of a Gen Z CEO:

Gen Z CEOs will be phenomenal leaders of people, deft communicators, and share a creative streak, say future leaders.

CEOs of 2050 will not all be university qualified, but rise through the ranks through experiential learning programs, complemented by online education.

This generation of CEOs will prioritize honing their soft skills over acquiring hard competencies.

As a cohort, they value curiosity, learning agility and adaptability.

Firm on Soft Skills

69% believe soft skills will be more important than hard skills for future C-Suite leaders.

The #1 skill needed by future leaders is an ability to successfully manage people and teams.

‘Communication’ and ‘Creativity’ are the other top skills future leaders need to hone.

Gen Z’ers think today’s C-Suite leaders aren’t making the grade on soft skills – people management and leading teams was seen as the skills current CEOs need to work on the most, followed by creativity & EQ…

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