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What. Vision, objectivity, motivation and action

By Steve Cook


V has principled methodologies, proven ways to inspire, rigorous action plans and the highest levels of motivation you’ll ever see. We have passion and deep deep knowledge of how to create unifying and winning strategies for future reward. Our experience has exposed us to almost every market, everywhere in the world and we have benefitted almost every type of organisation with almost every conceivable set of challenges.

But we recognise that almost none of this is directly relevant to you as you navigate your own particular choppy waters. You are unique and almost certainly want to…

  • Know exactly where you need to go and what you need to do to get there.
  • Be supremely confident in the strategies that will take you there.
  • Reignite the passion that started it all.
  • Be surrounded by highly capable, motivated and unified people.
  • Spearhead a culture that unites your people and makes them unbeatable.
  • Know that all your teams are forward-thinking collaborators.
  • Fix all eyes on the future.
  • Be free to lead.
  • Be in control of everything.
  • Have the time to explore new directions.
  • Have created a progressive spirit.
  • Know that opportunities to grow are identified and developing well.
  • Be empowered by the value you create.
  • Be rewarded for that value.
  • Report more positively.
  • Be recognized for all you do.
  • Be able to focus on the macro.
  • Have markets in the palm of your hand.
  • Have competitors on the defensive.
  • Be doing good stuff for your people and the organisation you lead.
  • Be doing good stuff in the here and now that defines your future.

So, yes, we have a shitload of awesome war stories and past glories, but the only thing that matters is how we can give you what you need and want. We will do this brilliantly. We will bring everything we have to you. We will…

  • Answer the burning questions.
  • Ponder the imponderable.
  • Smooth the jagged edges.
  • Unblock blockages.
  • Zig when others Zag.
  • Tear down walls.
  • Break you out of your comfort zones.
  • Shine a spotlight in the darkest corners.
  • Point out the elephants.
  • Dig up buried treasure.
  • Discover brave new worlds.
  • Bring together polar extremes.
  • Make heroes out of shrinking violets.
  • Sprinkle a lot of magic dust.
  • Occasionally scare the fuck out of you.
  • Slice through Gordian knots.
  • Do the heavy lifting so your people don’t have to.
  • Think so you can do, and do so you can think.
  • Remain unswervingly true and objective.
  • Do good stuff for you and the organisation you lead.
  • Do good stuff for the here and now that defines the future.




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