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Stephen Cook

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Stephen Cook is a visionary Strategist, Founder of V, advisor to Civil Society think tanks and commentator on leadership, the change imperative, future organisational vision, the meaning of purpose and organisational strategy. He is a passionate advocate for true brand strategy and it’s critical, informing role at the centre of all socially enterprising strategy definition and societal change.

Through his proprietary methodology, Future Conduct, Stephen creates the vision, purpose and propositions, the strategic contexts, leadership advocacy, business cases for investment, innovation engines and change strategies that define Socially Enterprising Organisations, their interactions with people and the mechanisms necessary to achieve these.

In a career spanning 34 years, Stephen has defined visionary and compelling organisation futures across most market and industry sectors, for global enterprises, rapid growth start-ups, 3rd and public sector organisation’s, institutions, government departments and societal initiatives - in the UK, EU and internationally. His work has informed whole organisation transformation, culture change, operational change, business re-modelling, propositions change and development, mergers and acquisitions, geography expansion and entire market behaviours.

In all his work, Stephen never loses sight of the most important question of all, ‘Why? – or more importantly, ‘Why not?’. His focus is always on the human condition and the behavioural mechanisms that make organisation’s stand for something vital and inspire audiences and participators to believe in them and interact with them.

Stephen has delivered hundreds of speeches, talks, discussion groups, presentations, leadership forums, corporate podcasts and change strategy workshops. He is a passionate, thought provoking and motivational moderator and speaker.

He lives in West Oxfordshire and has offices in Central Oxford and London.



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