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Creating valuable progress

By Steve Cook


All organisations are experiencing change, some are engineering change but very few of them are migrating change into real, valuable progress.

We recognise that many organisations and their partners wish to develop sound strategic plans but, despite buckets of motivation, they lack the time, advocacy, mechanisms, collaborators or objectivity to explore, develop and successfully execute complex strategy across their estates. Others struggle in the first instance to develop the robust ideas that inform robust strategy and create progress.

V exists to turn the inevitability of change into the certainty of progress and then to ensure that valuable progress lasts and grows.

V and our methodology, Future Conduct, are the culmination of 34 years experience at the sharp end of both creating the bright IDEAS and robust strategies that DEFINE valuable progress, and the STRATEGIC PLANNING to develop and execute strategy across organisations and DELIVER valuable progress. We bring these core capabilities together to provide clients the very best of our creativity, our objectivity and our business strategic capability. We are NOT a consultancy and we are NOT an agency. We operate with the zealous energy and creativity of an agency but with the analytical breadth and depth of knowledge of a business consultancy. In this way we are unique and we are uniquely valuable.

In every fibre of our being, V is an ideas business. We bring value to our clients a) by objectively creating or co-creating the bright and robust ideas that meet strategic need and inform focus and direction, wherever that is, and b) by defining the strategic purpose and plans essential to executing change and creating valuable progress across an organisation.

We bring objective thinking and ideas to any team, any co-creation process and any strategic operation. We define the ways ideas are created, the ways they can incubate and the processes by which they are evaluated. We map the implications and affects of ideas and we build advocacy and the high value case for ideas development and execution.

We can, as required, develop the strategic context and planning to drive ideas into and across an organisation and we can contribute to the way fully formed and executed ideas can drive to markets. We can work collaboratively with our clients teams or we can be inserted into a client organisation to create ideas alone and then share and expand with teams and leadership.

We move fast, build momentum, gain enthusiasm and compel action. We explore possibilities and then turn these into certain valuable progress. We are unafraid to voice our ideas and are fully prepared to justify, defend and evolve the best and most robust ones.




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