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Bravery NOW.

By Steve Cook


Everybody is being brave now aren’t they? We have all gone through various layers and cycles of fear recently but understood that we must overcome these in order to make new, necessary and, in many cases, profound change. Haven’t we?

Some organisations from the largest to the smallest have made really cathartic choices about who they are, why they exist and are necessary – and how they will create value. These choices have required bravery and ground-breaking changes of leadership mind-set, corporate purpose (not so fluffy now), definition of value, future conduct and operation – often in days.

Some of these used to take months or even years to debate, put on the back burner, drag out again, debate further, then half heartedly implement, often slowly, often badly. Some of these ideas, choices and changes would never have been considered at all, let alone long enough to make it to the drawing board or be taken seriously and implemented.

So, how do we capture this new found bravery but ensure that the momentum it has created is more than ‘organisational adrenaline’, in the moment, and that it is a catalyst for lasting change that creates renewed value and benefit?

How do we go further and ensure that lasting change in one place or person or organisation can coagulate with other change elsewhere to create a vibrant movement of interactive and interdependent change. An unstoppable juggernaut of carefully orchestrated systemic change perhaps?

Now that really would be brave and really valuable. It would also be really exciting for those who embraced it, let their ego’s and desire for ownership go and chose to contribute to and enable something profoundly good to happen. Some magnanimity goes a long way.

There are plenty of people out there talking about HOW to affect change but I’m more interested, in the first instance, in the WHY to affect change (or more importantly, WHY NOT?) – beyond the obvious. COVID is not a sustainable reason to change. It might be the catalyst but the real WHY has to be rooted in something deeper in order to be sustained and truly valuable. Without a substantive WHY, the HOW might just run out of steam, falter, then stall.

Maybe now, vision, purpose and future conduct are more vital than ever. Not only to get out of holes now but to ensure we stay out of them in the future.




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