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a V odyssey – part two – in and prouder

By Steve Cook


Let’s talk about V. V is our business but more importantly, its our muse, the channel that we pass our ideas through and the way we present ourselves to the world.

In a literal sense, V is the personification of what we bring to our clients. Its Value and Vision and Victory. It’s Velocity and Vibrancy and Visibility, but, more importantly, its an attitude of mind. It’s about newness and finding better ways. It’s about recognising the importance of the way things have always been done – the history and the legacy – but it’s ultimately about questioning these things and exploring if, now, in the context of a changing world, they are still valid, if they need evolving or if they need to be completely re-imagined. V’s mindset is to flick the V’s at the accepted ways of doing things but to do this responsibly and for absolutely justifiable and evidential reasons – and real progress.

Ultimately, V is, of course, about ideas (Visio – naturally!). This is what we do. Ideas are our passion. Ideas are, for us, the origin of everything that we bring to ourselves, our clients and everyone that knows us. Ideas are our purpose, our progress, our fuel and our delivery mechanism. Our ideas are these things for our clients too.

All the other experiences, knowledge and expertise are our support and our rationale. They enable us to understand how to create ideas and how to evaluate them against the complex business, operational and market requirements of our clients now and for the future. They allow us to define how different types of ideas need to develop through the equally complex political, cultural and organisational landscapes that our clients operate in and they enable us to know how ideas can and should be communicated across organisations and markets to gain advocacy and loyalty.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to create ideas in any and every part of a client organisation and then, as required, execute ideas wherever they are needed. Our ideas are designed to deliver strategic, organisation wide value as much as tactical value to a specific part. The best ideas should answer, or even define, a specific need but they should be capable of spreading, creating a groundswell of advocacy and delivering incremental value beyond the aspirations of the need for creating ideas in the first place.

We understand many of the challenges that our clients are facing now because we have seen them all before. We see patterns and traits across organisations and across markets and we understand the pain and the pleasure created by the necessity of change, the need for progress. But we always balance this knowledge with the absolute understanding that everyone is different, every organisation has its specific history, culture, way of working, perspective and path. We embark on every engagement with the innocence, naivety, curiosity and open mindedness of children. As a result, we are those rare and valuable commodities within our clients’ business. We are objective and questioning – and as a result, challenging and rewarding.

But enough of experience and knowledge. We are only as good as our last idea. Fortunately, this was to overhaul Europe’s fastest growing Transport Consultancy’s way of thinking about itself, its place, its markets, its propositions and its services, all underpinned by a wide ranging idea about how future cities need to develop for citizens and custodians, developments and infrastructure. Our idea spans social inclusion, sustainability, technology change, urban migration, economic regeneration and much more – using one one the most complex cities in the world as our centre – London .

As last ideas go, it was a whopper and has had a profound effect on our client, their teams, their culture, the ways they operate and the ways they communicate. It has created a wide range of valuable benefits in our clients’ markets and has generated substantial business and reputation growth. It has engendered a new passion within our clients’ leadership and a new momentum in everything they do. That’s what we do. That’s what V does.




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